Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Inhofe: Situation in Iraq "Nothing Short of a Miracle"

He’s at it again. Today’s Tulsa World is reporting that the situation in Iraq, according to Oklahoma’s own Senator James Inhofe, is “nothing short of a miracle.” (LINK) Inhofe claimed in a Tulsa speech yesterday that contrary to most reports, Iraqis were pleased about the US intervention and that the country was on its way to handling its own security.

Trust us Senator, its far short of a miracle. Lets review:
  • As many as 45,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed because of this war. (LINK)
  • GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, on FOX News, said, “We, in fact, are in probably a low grade, maybe a very defined, civil war. You’ve got corruption everywhere, as bad as it’s ever been. You’ve got uncontrollables that we can’t control, we can’t deal with. Iran probably has more influence in Iraq than we do at this point.” (see transcript)
  • Even President Bush did not know when the Iraqi’s could handle their own security. In a speech yesterday, Bush said, “I can't tell you exactly when it's (US military presence) going to be done.” (LINK)
The Senator didn’t stop there. Inhofe then went on to actually defend the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.” Most Americans remember the bridge as the boondoggle of all pork barrel projects. The bridge, sponsored by Alaska GOP Senator Ted Stevens, would have cost taxpayers $320 million to connect the town of Ketchikan, population 8,900, with the Island of Gravina, population 50. (LINK) Inhofe claimed the bridge was an example of “one of the few things in Washington that works.”

No Inhofe speech would be complete without a rant against the science supporting man-made global warming. The Senator reiterated his belief that global warming was largely a front for “international economic movements.” Since we in our collective wisdom are unsure what international economic movements actually are, we put it to our readers to call the senator to seek an explanation.

Not only do Oklahomans deserve better, they need to start demanding it.


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If you want to know what it is REALLY like in Bagdad; I recommend:


This is a blog from someone living in the horror called Bagdad.



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