Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Irresponsible Rhetoric on Global Warming from Jim Inhofe

Today’s San Antonio Current outlines the lessons that should be learned from Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. The article follows the current scientific logic that the weather disaster was symptomatic of the larger problem of catastrophic global warming, and argues that the federal government needs to do something to deal with this problem.

“Katrina was a billboard for global warming. For years, emissions from fossil fuels used by industry and automobiles sent carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that allowed in sunlight but kept heat from escaping, creating what’s come to be called a “greenhouse effect.” As a scientific consensus emerged, Al Gore, then a U.S. senator, made the ozone layer a political issue.

“Because New Orleans unwittingly became the vanguard in this 21st-century battle, our government’s response to its crisis is crucial, laying not only the groundwork for the city’s survival, but a template for addressing the effects of global warming nationwide.” (San Antonio Current, 8/23/06)

Yet, Sen. Jim Inhofe, head of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, tasked with addressing this issue, remains unconvinced and continues to wage a personal war against the belief in global warming. As the article notes, “Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma calls global warming ‘greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people’…With no hint of irony Inhofe calls global warming ‘the big lie,’ comparing the science behind it to Nazi propaganda leading up to World War II.”

Inhofe’s position is not only incorrect, it is completely unrepresentative of the American people. According to a Zogby poll released yesterday, an overwhelming majority of Americans believes that global warming does exist and that it is connected to recent disastrous weather events, such as Katrina and heat waves.

What is even more alarming is that this is not the first time Inhofe has used a Nazi reference in his musings on global warming:

In 2004, Inhofe said the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement that provided for mandatory reductions of harmful greenhouse gases, “would deal a powerful blow on the whole [of] humanity similar to the one humanity experienced when Nazism and Communism flourished.” (Washington Post, 6/22/05)

Inhofe has also compared the Environmental Protection Agency to a “Gestapo bureaucracy.” (Austin American-Statesman, 7/27/97)

If people like Sen. Inhofe are kept in power, American will never be able to be adequately prepared for future natural disasters.


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You forgot to post the article about how Inhofe is ‘Very Proud’ There’s Never Been a Homosexual Relationship in the ‘Recorded History of Our Family’ What an asshole.



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