Friday, August 18, 2006

Senator Inhofe at Odds With Oklahoma Sportsmen

Global warming, the great hoax on the American public? So says Oklahoma’s most obtuse of public servants, Senator James Inhofe. However, according to folks who actually spend time outdoors, global warming is real and they can feel it. According to a recent poll that surveyed active sportsmen, 76 percent said they have observed climate change where they lived, 73 percent said they have seen global warming affect their own hunting and fishing and over half said believed climate change was related to global warming. Not surprising, an overwhelming majority (78 percent) said developing fuel efficient vehicles and expanding the use of renewable sources are the best way to address America's energy needs, rather than drilling for more oil and gas within the United States. (LINK)

Interestingly, almost two-thirds of these same sportsmen identified themselves as politically conservative, while half said they were evangelical Christians. (Lewiston Morning tribune, 8/16/06)

So the next time the Senator purports to stand up for Oklahoma’s hunters and fishermen, the hoax is on them.


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