Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Conservative Admits the Effects of Global Warming

Yesterday, Saxby Chambliss, a typical opponent of greenhouse gas reduction, finally came around on the issue, admitting that “there really is something to it.” Chambliss made that statement upon returning from a trip to Greenland to view melting polar ice. Chambliss has long been opposed to forcing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other sources. Last year, he was one of 60 Senators to vote against legislation that would have set caps on emissions from industrial polluters.

Yet, as evidence mounts showing the devastating effects of global warming, and more Republicans admit that it is a serious problem, Jim Inhofe continues to fight against capping emissions. In fact, he was so angered by California’s decision to regulate greenhouse gases, that just last week he introduced new “Clean Air” legislation that would have denied California some of the federal highway funds. He removed the bill from the Environment Committee’s agenda a few days later due to opposition within the committee.

How many conservatives will it take to convince Inhofe that this problem needs to be addressed?


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